In 1915, one hundred years ago this year, thirty-two farmers in the Powell River area founded a Farmers’ Institute “to improve conditions of rural life so that settlement may be permanent and prosperous.” This remains our goal today. We welcome you to explore our web-site, attend meetings and special events, and network with us.

Membership costs $20. Please send a message via the contact page to the Membership Coordinator (Kathy Rebane) or secretary (Cindy Demeester), or show up at any meeting (see the Events Page for dates and locations).

Current Board as elected/acclaimed at the Feb 2017 AGM:

President: Alan Rebane
Vice President: Pat Hanson
Treasurer: Ros Sherrard
Secretary: Cindy Demeester
Directors: Juhli Jobi, Lisa Daniels,  Gary de Casmaker, Kathy Hodgins, Donna Anaka, Ben Stewart

Other positions:
Refreshments: rotating
Webmaster: Kevin Wilson
Membership co-ordinator: Juhli Jobi

For more information about the Powell River Farmers Institute send a message via the Contact Page.