At the FI meeting on Nov 12th 2012, Jennifer Salisbury reported on her work at the PR Regional Economic Development Society (PRREDS) which supports farmers. What follows is an update as of Feb 14 2014.

PRREDS Continues to support farmers – and all Powell River (Regional) businesses through the Business Retention and Expansion Program.  The efforts in this program include learning about the business and how PRREDS and other services can support more with ideas and government services.

What can I bring to the table for Farmer’s Institute members? I am well versed in government services for agriculture and for business in general and am an experienced business developer. I support individual farms with my ideas and also with knowing what other business owners in the region can support as well (with knowledge and beyond). The business support services are funded through PRREDS and are offered to the business owner for free.

I would love to talk with more of the farmers in the institute and beyond. Feel free to contact me:
Jennifer JM Salisbury
Business Retention & Expansion Coordinator
Powell River Regional Economic Development Society
4760 Joyce Avenue
Powell River BC V8A 3B6

Office: 604-485-0325 x226
Cell: 604-414-8595

The Agricultural Land Inventory and lease documents for agricultural lands can be found through PRREDS. While these programs are no longer active, the information is still available.

If someone is interested, they can contact Jennifer, or better, Scott Randolph at or 808-414-8598.