There are two main email mailing lists for FAI members.

Members Mailing List

The “members” list is for general unofficial conversation between members, asking questions, offering items for sale or trade, etc. The list is set to “reply to poster” – that means that if you reply to a message, your reply will go only to the original poster, not to everyone on the list. Members may opt out of this list if they do not wish to receive the emails.

Notification Mailing List

This list is the official way for the Institute to communicate with members. For example, meeting and AGM notifications, agendas, minutes etc will be sent out using this list. All members belong to this list. Only the secretary and their backup can post.

Access Mailing List pages

You can manage your membership in these lists yourself, and see the archive of previous messages. To do so, you will  need a password. If you don’t yet have a password, simply go to the page linked below that you want to access, and follow the instructions to get a password sent to you. You may need to scroll down to the bottom of the page in order to do so.

Members – manage subscription

Members – message archive

Notification – message archive

If you have any questions or problems with your FAI mailing list memberships, please send a message through the Contact Page.