Powell River is a remote coastal community located on the mainland approximately 100 km north of Vancouver and directly across the Salish Sea from Vancouver Island. While only accessible by plane or ferry, Powell River has a vibrant farming and agricultural community.

Powell River is fortunate to have its Regional District declared a gmo-free seed zone, allowing farmers to grow produce organically from seed without the risk of cross-pollination from gmo crops.

There are a growing number of bee keepers and hives that help keep pollination successful. Our remote location creates a buffered ecosystem for both our crops and our livestock.

If you’re thinking of moving to Powell River to get into farming, you’re not alone. There are new farmers moving to town every year, some with a broad focus and some very specific.

When you move to a new place, it can be hard to find information on the local quirks in soil and climate, and sources for materials and equipment. This page will give you a head start on finding that local info.

Distribution of local crops takes on various forms. Many farmers have Farm gate sales right on their property, some bring their harvests to the local summer farmers markets and the winter market. Still others sell to small local stores, markets, restaurants and even some of the grocery chains. The opportunity for local distribution is varied and available year-round.

Powell River is a very supportive community as a whole and you will find that same support reflected across our farming community. Farmers are willing to share their experiences, expertise and discuss various methods they use or have tried over the years.

We have local licensed slaughter facilities as well as butchers to help get your meat ready for sale.

As a remote community, our success is further defined by our self-sufficiency through local producers.